Repeat ads torture the mind

GET ADJAMMER NOWreplace ads with better content.

Smart IPTV

Stops threaded-in commercials from disturbing your loved ones.

Watch In Peace

Relax without pesky ads screaming for attention.


Available in all regions accross all channels. Adjammer blocks 'em all.

Where's The Remote?

It doesn't matter! Loud ads are automatically detected and filtered out, gently returning you after each adbreak.

What we do

We stop the pointless interruptions on TV so you can enjoy your downtime. Install AdJammer on your PC or VPS in 3 easy steps. Our software restreams any IPTV playlist to any device on the same network — without ads!

Adfree Channel Surfing

Sit back as your regular TV channels become tranquil background entertainment.

Watch LIVE

Jam the cord™ in realtime with near perfect accuracy. No need to plan and store every DVR recording just to manually adskip each adbreak. How it works

Easy Install (PC)

The application sits between your current IPTV provider and your favorite IPTV player (eg VLC with m3u8). Ads are auto-interecepted in the background. Instructions


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Wow looks very cool.

Awesome and game-changing for the linear ad experience.

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Super cool.

Hearing Protection

Commercials that use alarms, sirens, screetching, and yelling can destroy your sensitive ears and wake up the nieghbors. The ad industry has mocked the so-called 'Reasonable Volume Laws' governing their tortureous adverts.

Take Action

Until now consumer complaints fell on deaf ears. Get AdJammer Today and force ad-riddled content to be suitable for your family.

Auto Adjust Your Set

Handsfree TV thanks to AI. Our realtime commercial detection software protects viewers from being ad blasted. More Info.