What is AdJammer?

AdJammer is an IPTV proxy for PC with a back-end cloud service. A simple web server runs on your PC to restream live video as HLS. It also leverages the cloud to automatically detect and block ads which consistently reoccur during Live TV Broadcasts. An upto date centralized database of ads means everyone can get the best instant adblocking on any known channel.

Will it work with my device?

YES! Any device you already recieve IPTV (M3U8) through will work. However, right now the intercept service is designed to work exclusively on PC (alternate python script), that is how it can restream to any and all devices on the same network.

How is my privacy protected?

We will never spam or gather any data on you other than your email should you choose to submit it.

How much does it cost?

AdJammer is free while in beta until near perfect adblocking can be acheived on the vast majority of channels.

Are there any plans to support my non-IPTV provider?

No. In order to take advantage of AdJammer the source needs to be in IPTV. There are a few ways to convert OTA signals from DVB-T2 signals into an IPTV m3u list.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is TV delivered over IP, it has been a stable and popular media solution for OTT broadcasters, hotels, appartments, and enthusiasts for a long time. With better mobile networking comes increased uptake of the private TV services on mobile devices.

Is the code open source?

All user run software will be open sourced so that confidentiality of URL data can be gauranteed indepentently. Please see the github repo and log any issues or concerns.