A new way to block TV commercials

AdJammer is an IPTV proxy (restreamer tool) designed to siphon off sound chunks to our powerful cloud service as you watch normally. Our software assess the video for 'key loudness indicators' allowing ads to be blocked the moment they start playing again. You continue to use your existing IPTV provider as the source, along with your favorite IPTV player that you already watch IPTV with. Behind the scenes we automatically intercept and swap the feed when need be.

Target Aquired: re-occuring threaded-in ads

AdJammer is your personal fresh content enforcer so that you don't have to be tortured with repetitive messages all day. If any short loud content is repeated exactly for a second time then that is assumed to be undesirable for the user and blocked out.

1. Install Service (PC)

Enter your existing playlist URL (.m3u8) into the AdJammer IPTV restreaming server (a light application for PC)

2. Watch IPTV normally

By adding the newly created 'intercept' m3u8 playlist to your favourite IPTV player app/device.

3. Enjoy IPTV ad-free

Ads get squashed instantly. You are returned to your main channel after the adbreak is over.