An existing M3U8 Playlist of popular live IPTV streams. Free Live TV Playlist

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NOTE: During beta only a select few channels are available for active adblocking at once. Please join the Discord Chat to see available channels and request your favorite channel be cycled in. For those channels without adblocking the IPTV proxy still restreams as normal.




Extract both and FFMPEG zip file. Run AdJammer.exe, paste your playlist URL. Then select options and point to ffmpeg.exe before saving and pressing 'start'

NOTE: The python GUI/script is untested on non-windows machines. Catchup and VOD items are filtered. For active channels, uploading sound uses under 1MB per minute.

1. Setup and Run

Go to options and point to your FFMPEG.exe, then paste in your existing playlist URL *.m3u8 and press 'start'

2. Watch IPTV normally

Open VLC or your favorite IPTV player and enter new playlist http://localhost:8082/m3u

3. Enjoy IPTV ad-free

If your channel is 'active', then it will begin blocking ads immediately. New channels may take an hour of constant watching before working.